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Yorba Linda Fire – Caught in the Blaze

On Saturday November 15th we got caught in the midst of the Yorba Linda fire.  It was a very smoky event over our house at first, but then around 11:30am it became pretty nasty.  The dry hill that sits about 100 yards from our back yard fence erupted into flame literally within minutes.  At the same moment the Santa Ana winds picked up and black smoke was flying over our house at Wizard of Oz tornado like speed.  Thank God the wind shifted direction as our entire neighborhood was spared even after having been encircled in flame.

By the time we got ready to evacuate, the skies were beginnng to clear.  I’ve lived in Southern California my entire life but have never been that close to a monster blaze.  And believe me you don’t want to be, the heat is intense even from a distance.

Kudos to the firefighters that keep us safe.  Here are a few pictures, they don’t capture the intensity, but the sky was so dark the pictures were just black.  The pictures above were taken about 11am in what was bright daylight, you can see how dark it was.  The below picture was taken in Brea where all the Yorba Linda smoke was heading.

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Gustav Information

The Twitter and internet community is pulling together.   Let’s all do what we can. 

Visit The Gustav Informaton Center.

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What has Congress done this year?

This interesting snippet from Parade Magazine by Sharon Male is a quick glance at what Congress has accomplished this year:  

The current Congress has enacted less legislation than any within the last decade, according to a new analysis from the nonpartisan Taxpayers for Common Sense (TCS). The 110th Congress has passed just 260 laws—and 74 of those were renaming post offices. But they have passed hundreds of resolutions, including one to recognize soil as an “essential resource” and another to congratulate the UC-Irvine volleyball team. 

Rep. John Shimkus (R., Ill.) introduced a resolution to recognize June 30 as National Corvette Day. “It’s probably not the best use of our time,” he says, “but we have to do something. These resolutions make it look like we’re working.” Shimkus blames the Democrats for failing to introduce more substantive legislation. Democrats, in turn, blame Republicans for blocking key votes, contending that Senate Republicans have attempted a record number of filibusters this session.

“If there’s anything Americans are tired of, it’s partisanship,” says Steve Ellis of TCS. “If they’re not passing substantive laws, Congress should be conducting oversight, making sure our tax dollars are spent wisely. Frivolous bills and resolutions distract attention from what voters sent them to Washington to do.”

It kind of makes you wonder, if the unnecessary stuff was eliminated how much would be accomplished.


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Welcome to my new blog where I’ll be rolling out and highlighting all the exciting and fun stuff that comes my way. Financial news, Tech related info, gadgets, restaurants, movie info, etc just about anything that can expand your reach and imagination or otherwise brighten your day.   July 26 is kind of an odd anniversary for me of a tragic car accident but that’s long behind me and everything moves forward from here.  

I’m currently running a mortgage company but we have many things in the oven cooking up for the future.

Hit the subscribe button, sit back and relax. 


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